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Our People

Thank you for visiting the Grace Church website. Grace is a welcoming and inclusive community of faith. Whether you are a person of steadfast faith or whether you wonder or question, you are welcome here. Come and see! Come by yourself or with a partner or spouse or your family. Come if you are young or not so young, with too much or too little to do, seeking peace or company. Travel with others on this amazing, challenging journey of a God-given and Spirit-led life. 

The people who make up the congregation of Grace Church come from various backgrounds. Though some have lived in Galena most of their lives, the majority of folks have moved here from other places. Many first established vacation homes in the Galena Territory that became their permanent homes in retirement. Most members have also come from other denominations, both Roman Catholic and Protestant. They have found the Episcopal Church's "big tent" to be a place of acceptance where we strive to follow the way of Jesus Christ together. It is a place where questions are not only tolerated but welcomed. At the same time, the center of our worship and practice is the Book of Common Prayer, rooted in Christian scripture and tradition, both ancient and responsive to this time and place. 

Statement of Inclusion

As a community of faith that is committed to inclusiveness and hospitality, Grace Church welcomes all to participate in its worship and in its various ministries, programs, groups, and events. We believe that a diversity of voices and experiences enriches our congregation.

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