Ten Commandments of Worship During COVID


1.  To go, or not to go?: If you have a fever, are sick, infected by the virus, or have been exposed recently to someone with the virus, stay home and worship with Grace online. Also, anyone having a condition that makes them more vulnerable to the virus, should seriously consider avoiding the risk of exposure at church by staying home and worshiping from there.

2.  Reservation: Make a “reservation” to attend.  Seating in the Nave is limited to 21 designated spots for a single person or couple living in the same household. (Maximum number of people allowed in the Nave: 32)

3.  Mask: You MUST wear a mask covering both your nose and mouth! (Please bring your own.)

4.  Social Distancing: Maintain social distancing (6 feet minimum), both inside and outside the church, at all times (except when receiving Communion from the Priest).

5.  Entering: Enter the church through the Parish Hall door as directed by the Greeter or Vestry Coordinator.

6.  Seating: Sit in a designated seat (marked, with a bulletin on the pew or chair).

7.  Communion: As directed by the Vestry Coordinator(s), use the center aisle to go to steps in front of the altar. Receive the host from the Priest and hold it in your hand while returning to your seat by the side aisle. Remove your mask to consume the host in your mouth after getting back to your seat. 

8.  Leaving after the service: There will not be a coffee hour; so leave as directed by the Vestry Coordinator(s) (by rows through either the Parish Hall or Narthex doors). Refrain from blocking the doors and congregating outside.

9.  Offerings: Use one of the collection plates placed near the doors while entering or leaving.

10. Love your neighbor as yourself: Should you become sick or aware of being infected by the virus within two weeks after attending a service, let Grace Church know immediately so we can warn others who attended the service.