Baptismal living, as a recovery of ancient forms of church governance, is an opportunity for congregations and dioceses, as well as the church as a whole, to incarnate the life and freedom of the gospel. Our  Episcopal polity and our Anglican heritage inform our distinctiveness within the Christian tradition, and offer pathways in how to govern our communities, and to work toward the healing and wholeness that the world craves.

         Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook

administration & governance

the vestry

is the governing board of Grace Church. Consisting of the rector, two wardens, and six members elected by the congregation, it constitutes the leadership that casts our vision as a parish and strives to meld the realities of sustaining an organization in this particular time and place with being a part of the Body of Christ.  It oversees the entire life of the parish--providing for its spiritual life and health even as it is responsible for overseeing financial matters and the physical plant. In recognition of its spiritual and material roles, each monthly meeting begins with a time of devotional Bible reading and reflection.

       Each member serves as a liaison to one of the ministries, communicating the overall vision to the ministry and also assuring that each ministry is represented.

        The Vestry appoints a treasurer and a clerk as officers each year. They may, but are not required to be members of the Vestry. They are responsible for maintaining  the records and legal documents of the corporation.

         Shortly after the Annual Meeting and election each year, the Vestry holds a daylong facilitated retreat designed to strengthen and build its team, review the status of its Mutual Ministries, and look toward the new year and beyond.

2020 vestry (through january 2021):   

Greg Serwich, Senior Warden (2019-2021); Lynn Giles, Junior Warden (2019-2021)

Class of 2021:  Tony Packard and Anita Sands

Class of 2022:  Elizabeth Ludescher and Charlotte Stryker

Class of 2023:  Nancy Cook and Eric Kallback

Officers:  Richard Luther, Treasurer; Diann Marsh, Clerk

finance committee

Works with the treasurer to monitor the budget and provides oversight for the annual pledge campaign and the endowment.

buildings and grounds

Performs maintenance and arranges for repairs and improvements of buildings and grounds.


Oversees the weekly e-newsletter, social media, and print materials as well as news articles and press releases.

grace episcopal church

107 S. Prospect Street

Galena, Illinois 61036


office hours are tuesday through friday
9 am-12 pm,
closed mondays (rector available by appointment)
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