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At its most basic level, the everyday practice of being with other people is the practice of loving the neighbor as the self. More intricately, it is the practice of coming face-to-face with another human being...and at least entertaining the possibility that this is one of the faces of God.

              Barbara Brown Taylor

Fellowship and Hospitality

We who are members of Grace Episcopal Church never seem to be at a loss for finding ways to get together for food, fun and fellowship and to welcome friends and visitors to join us! Some of these events are seasonal, such as the Epiphany Party in January, Mardi Gras, the Agape Dinner during Lent, Grubby Sunday in the spring and Mass in the Grass, held every summer at beautiful Linmar Gardens. Some are scheduled weekly, like coffee hour on Sunday mornings after service, and some are monthly, like Canapes and Conversation, a fun evening in members' homes where the guests bring the food and drink and the hosts provide the venue. Whatever the event, the conversation will be lively, the food will be delicious, and all will be welcome!

The welcoming committee assigns people for each worship service to stand near the door of the church to greet visitors to the parish. They strive to make the visit pleasant by assisting them with any questions, directing them to seating and rest rooms as well as introducing them to others after the service and inviting them to the coffee hour. They follow up with personal notes the following week.

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